The Mission Team at St. John’s raises funds throughout the year with the assistance of church members. They make donations monthly to community charitable organizations. The Mission Team also coordinates clothing and food collections weekly for local charities, and work with the pastor to provide emergency assistance to St. John’s parishioners. This effort is to carry out our vision statement responding to the needs of our congregation and the community.

2019 Monthly Projects

January through March

  • Lenten Outreach for Lifeway for Kids
  • Shoes for Souls (new and used shoe collection)
  • North Star Initiative for Human Trafficking luncheon

April through June

  • LUMINA Program
  • Leacock Church Community Dinner
  • Factory Ministries, Paradise

July through September

  • Anchorage Breakfast Program, Lancaster
  • Lifeway for Kids food collection
  • Salvation Army

October through December

  • Water Street Mission, Lancaster